2014 Breathe Out!

Children blowing soap bubbles is a famous and popular image in classic Dutch art. Every child has done it and does it. In my memory an image was engraved what a bubble looks like. In one of the sessions with my children playing within the light beam of a slide projector, they began to blow bubbles. All of a sudden I noticed two shadows: the black one of the child and the rainbow colored shadow of the bubble.

I took some pictures and when I had them printed, I saw these images could be autonomous.

Later I made the videos. Reseaching the two shadows will continue in the future. Sometimes I feel like a scientist, researching types of shadows, investigating shadow play which sometimes fascinates more than reality does. Why is that? How can abstraction, which means: taking your distance from reality, be so real?

A pure and visual poetry happens when children from different cultural backgrounds pass on to each other those fragile, ephemeral bubbles.