2018 – present The Pheasant Orchard


This website has been organised as a portfolio and it charts the development in the oeuvre of Carlijn Mens from 2005 till 2018. This last page marks a provisional end, but with its images it also indicates a new beginning, initiated by the location where Mens now lives and works. The Pheasant is an organic orchard situated on the Waal river near Gorinchem. From the outset the orchard became a subject and integral part of her work; the sheer physicality of cultivating it and harvesting its fruits has rapidly changed the artist’s perspective and consequently her work. The Pheasant will become a place where both artists and scientists can stay, work and meet. Doing research, engaging in contemplation and discussions with each other about sustainable agriculture, circular economy, and a more responsible and inclusive cooperation with nature, economy, and society. What can art contribute to that important development?