2013 Lilly danse avec sa poupée / Lilly Dances With Her Doll

A short video of my daughter dancing with her favorite stuffed doll. She often does this and I filmed her shadow. Watching the registration afterwards, its confrontational character took me by surprise. Without needing any additional explanation you see two meanings simultaneously: a beautiful, spontaneous and naive side, and its shadow side suggesting something horrible.

As an artistic medium the projection of shadows presents two meanings. The negative interpretation is unintentional and as a spectator you surely are aware of that. This adds to the confrontational character of the video.

To me it suggests that as a human being you do not want to be bad or negative, but every now and then you do things wrong. What you are looking at, in other words, is something very human. Everyone with a heart in its right place can identify with the image and will have reservations about it at the same time.