2016 – present, Road Side

In 2016 I rode my bike to bring my son to school every day, back and forth between Schoorl and Bergen. In spring I saw the roadside awakening, plants and flowers on that poor soil of sand, stones, tarmac, salt after a cold winter. I put sheets of paper amidst the plants and started drawing the shadow images of the vegetation.

After moving to Dalem, I did the same here: at the foot of the dike the vegetation on the river’s clay and in between the basalt rocks, on the top of the dike the plants and grasses growing on the poor, stabilised sand. Each group of plants is characteristic of the soil they grown on.

In the period of my residency at the Van Gogh House, Zundert, I have been drawing grey-hair grass, typical for that area. In winter in Dalem I draw the dried out and brittle grasses of our orchard, in spring clover and flowers appear again.