2011 Time – Light – Dark (Leiden, Webster)

The project in the building of Webster University Leiden lasted just one day.


I worked in a cadence-like concentration – drawing light, space and time, drawing while light, space and time shift. The result I could not imagine beforehand.

Strangely I experience more freedom to work if I purely focus on documenting what is happening – more so than if I would represent what is there. I go along with the changes of what I see and this drawing-to-follow happens without emotions. There is no beginning and no end. I disconnect completely, I am just body and eye and tool.

Architectural space has a technical character and is static. It is fascinating to me that I can tap into more natural and poetic meanings beyond all the technical, beyond the static. The movement of the sun transforms technology. Light forces the stones to open.

The drawing I produce is about time, but not just about that. If you work on a drawing for five minutes, those five minutes are implicated into the drawing, physically. Still this does not concern time as technically measurable; the drawing embodies change.